Polymath International School strongly believes in the HEALTH of the students as priority and LEARNing to come next.
Physical health of the students is a key factor for their daily attendance in the classroom and good mental health increases the productivity of learning

Considering these facts, Polymath International School provides students a herbal drink prepared using herbs, spices & traditional Sri Lankan rice grown without using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides & weedicides.

This herbal drink supports to gain daily requirement of minerals, vitamins, fibers & microorganisms that are important for healthy living, at a time where many food varieties available today do not provide all these essential nutrients – especially fiber & microorganisms

Polymath International School takes every step to keep all the students and the teachers in a pleasant & comfortable environment so that they are given all the opportunities to engage in learning & teaching activities in a happy mood and also without any worries or disturbances.

We encourage students to live with a healthy food pattern understanding fully the quote of Hippocrates, ” Let food be thy medicine ” and not medicine be thy food – which may ruin our lives.