Know Us Better

Know us better

About Polymath International School

Having very well understood the fact that choosing a school for son or daughter is one  of the most important decisions  that any parent would ever make, Polymath International School with  its two supporting arms –  Polymath Kids and polymath day care provides wonderful  learning  opportunities to the kids to became creative well rounded, hardworking, environmental friendly skill-full and happy young people with very high moral values.

Our academic ambition, our dedicated staff and focus on each individual’s talent and strength ensure success at each stage of their learning journey.

School Policies

To work on time

Every child to be equipped with basic mathematics and language skills

Each period of a class starts with a 5 minutes Q & A session regarding the previous learning

Class teacher to visit the homes of each student bi-annually to know the exact situation at home to have a clear confidential report of each home front

Child has to get involved in every activity by him/her self and home work done by parents/ adults is completely discouraged

All the note books are marked/checked by teacher/facilitator every fortnight

Teacher plays the roles of facilitator, planner, instructor, counselor, mediator, explainer and mentor

Students are given the opportunity to actively get involved in the school management through quality circles

Every child plays Chess and Scrabble

Mind concentration is a priority

Every student is oriented in meditation activities

The difference of POLYMATH COLLEGE

Every POLYMATH feels the difficulties of others Sick-poor-feeble.

Every POLYMATH is encouraged towards good food habits.

School culture encourages – appreciates – honor – respect innovative ideas.

Every POLYMATH is expected to perform mind concentration activities daily basis

Every POLYMATH is given the opportunity to get the assistance from tabs for their learning purposes in the school premises

Every POLYMATH to be groomed as nature lover

Maintaining Discipline and Order is one of the priorities of the school .

Polymath International School do not prepare road for the children
Instead we prepare children for the roads

Our Mission

We are an amazing school with the vision encouraging students to become An International Personality with A Sri Lankan Identity by making sure every child is Word Smart, Number Smart & Picture Smart

Our Vision

We provide every opportunity to all the Polymaths to be WORD SMART (Communication / verbal – linguistic) NUMBER SMART (logical – mathematical) & PICTURE SMART (visual – spatial – imagination)