Diversified Skills

Correct Attitudes

Good Human Values

Love & Care for Nature

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As per the meaning of ” Polymath”, Polymath International School provides many opportunities to each and every student to become ” a person who knows a lot about many things”.

We encourage every student to become ” An international personality with a Sri Lankan Identity” with diversified skills, correct attitudes, good human values and love & care for nature.

We are an amazing school with the vision encouraging students to become An International Personality with A Sri Lankan Identity by making sure every child is Word Smart, Number Smart & Picture Smart
We offer Cambridge and National curricula.     Grade 1 – A/L

We provide the Polymaths the best learning experience during their stay in school, which will allow them to have more fun filled and relaxed afternoons at home instead of wasting time in support classes repeating the same subject matter covered in the morning.

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Take a tour in Polymath International School and you will find the best International School in the town. 

Why choose Polymath International School?

We encourage students to become “An International Personality with Sri Lankan Identity” which is the expectation of almost all the Sri Lankan parents today.

We provide every opportunity to all the Polymaths to be WORD SMART (Communication / verbal – linguistic) NUMBER SMART (logical – mathematical) & PICTURE SMART (visual – spatial – imagination) which can be categorized as 3 basic competencies introduced by Professor Horward Gardiner , one of the most reputed development psychologists of recent times.

Our priority is the Polymaths ” learn to live ” as good citizens supporting the well being of the society rather than being destructive elements. Knowing the fact that Education throughout the life is based on 4 pillars, learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be; which can be consisted to one single term as “learning to live”, Polymath International School is more interested to produce good citizens than individuals who possess high education qualifications but with less social qualities .

Polymath International School is blessed to have a principal to guide the staff and the students who has a service of nearly 30 years as an educational administrator in the state sector who provided leadership to 2 leading educational institutions in Sri Lanka for long years namely Isipathana College and Royal College , with a proven track record of producing promising results not only in subject matter but in many other spheres setting examples to all the 10000 schools in the country .

The students are not exposed to heavy traffic in hot sun as the school is located outside the main city limits, so that the traffic congestion is comparatively low. Day of the school is started fresh by the students and the faculty members as they need not to get up very early in the morning and travel long distance from home.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. Please call or email us before visiting to make sure that you will be served with our best services.

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