How to join

Welcome to Polymath

POLYMATH College wishes to warmly welcome the aspirant parents and their kids to POLYMATH family with the highest enthusiasm.

We believe that a good relationship amongst all the stakeholders is essential to provide a quality learning experience to the child . Therefore a discussion between the parents / guardian and the school management is considered as the first step of admitting a child to POLYMATH College.

We suggest the aspirant parents to mutually agree on a time and a date through email or by a phone call so that the meeting can be carried out with the highest productivity.

Since we believe the development of the child at any given time should be ascertained by comparing the level of him / her at the time of the enrollment to the school , and not necessarily with other students in the class / group , a discussion for 15 – 30 minutes with the respective teachers will be carried out . The results of this diagnostic test and the results of the regular assessments thereafter will show the development of the child to the parents as well as the school authorities .

Understanding is the priority

Please note that we try to understand the desires of the child in respect of academic and co curricular activities , future ambition , basic likes and dislikes , how they spend the time after school hours etc . which will enable us to understand the childs learning environment so that a more productive plan in respect of each and every child can be designed .