Extra Mile


We use nature to nurture the creativity of students. Watching the beautiful butterflies moving from one flower to another ; Lizards changing colour to blend into the background ; cute Squirrels skitter , jump , run , hop , fly & kiss when they meet each other and listening  to the chirps , whines , buzzes , songs & various other sounds of Sparrows, Sunbirds, Flycatchers, Tailorbirds, Babblers & various other birds who visit Polymath premises regularly encourage Polymaths to concentrate their minds in a better way in achieving more fruitful learning experiences .

GROW and

To lead a successful school life it’s necessary to be healthy and should posses a good immunity . Immunity depends on healthy and vibrant digestion . As without proper nutritive support students lack the ability to properly focus on coursework & retain information and contrarily good nutrition builds better learners , we educate and practice Polymaths on good food habits though nutrition is an overlooked factor in school communities at present .

There is no doubt that learning activity in a calm , quiet environment is more productive than in a loud , chaotic environment . As research findings have suggested that the physical environment can have a considerable impact on students and that could affect as much as 25 % , we have given lot of emphasis to the environment at Polymath International School. The colour , size and organisation of furniture , cleanliness , brightness inside the classroom are taken care as much as possible.

The necessity has arisen to grow our own food as most of the raw food available in the market at present contains chemical residues due to the usage of excess pesticides and fertiliser . It’s a joyful learning experience for the Polymaths to engage in home gardening activities which can be replicated at their homes to lead a healthy life with minimum amount of toxins entering in to their body .

It gives a soothing effect to the eyes and mind by seeing the beautiful creatures – Butterflies. Polymaths are really fortunate to be in the Butterfly garden everyday and learn many things from the nature . It’s a life lesson for the Polymaths to understand Caterpillar – the early stage of Butterfly, survives by devastating the garden – eating leaves and preventing flowers to bloom , but Butterfly on the other hand after learning how to come out of the cocoon , propagates flowers and help a field of flowers to bloom.

Not only I.Q.
But E.Q., S.Q. and A.Q.

When most schools capitalize in I.Q. level of the students,Polymath International School consider E.Q,S.Q. and A.Q.are also important.

I.Q. – Intelligence Quotient – Ability to learn facts and processes quickly.
E.Q – Emotional Quotient – Ability to handle emotions.
S.Q. – Social Quotient – Ability to build a network of friends and continue.
A.Q. – Adversity Quotient – Ability to handle adversities well.


While accepting Curriculum as the most important area , Polymath International School believes involvement of students in Co curricular activities are also important. Table Tennis , Swimming , Chess are some of the Co curricular activities that Polymath students take part during the school time which supports to reduce their stress whilst they engage seriously in class room work .